Lovematism Logo      LOVEMATISM encompasses the Sexual Magnetism of the Body, the Rhythm of Two Hearts Beating as One, the Hypnotism of Mind, and the Mysticism of Spirit. Lovematism enhances the enduring bond between two lovers.





Bond of Lovematism Connections

Soul Connection: Practices, like praying or meditation. Spiritual philosophies or way of living. Karma or soul purpose to be together. Soul connection of two lovers.

Mindset Connection: Attitudes, perceptions, tastes, approaches, subject matter of conversation, ways of thinking, levels of consciousness, and appealing to the imagination, intelligence and intellisense of the mind. Mind connection of two lovers.

Sex Connection: Sexual dimension of physical chemistry, attraction, and energy. Sexual connection of two lovers.

Emotion Connection: Sharing happiness, joy, fun of romance, caring, and compassion. Heartfelt love vibration, coherence and resonance. Emotional connection of two lovers.

Lovematism Defined      Symbols of the Enduring Bond of Lovematism

Mysticism of Spirit
(Soul Connection = Circle)

Hypnotism of Mind
(Mindset Connection = Triangle)

Magnetism of Body
(Sexual Connection = Interlinked Hearts Hug)

Rhythm of Two Hearts
(Emotional Connection = Double Heart Shapes)

The bond of lovematism is universal. The intensity of the interaction strengthens the bond of lovers. Lovematism bonds and connects two lovers in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. Lovematism enhances the dimensions of relating that are attained through the mind, heart, body and soul connections.

Sherrie Rose, author and Love Linguist™, conceived a word to summarize what was taking too many words to express. The word LOVEMATISM encompasses the sexual magnetism of the body, the emotional rhythm of two hearts beating as one, the hypnotism of the minds, and the mysticism of the spirit. Lovematism expands the connections between lovers. Lovematism is a dynamic force and deep enduring bond. Lovematism takes lovers to the heights, depths and breadth of the greatest possibilities of love.

The bond of lovematism is like the firing of four pistons; the pistons are never all at the same height at the same time and if one or more is not working there is less energy available to fuel the synergy of the love relationship.

Lovematism enhances the context, depth, versatility, and complexity of the lovers' relationship. Lovematism releases creative potential for human transformation to manifest the divine.

Ultimately enduring love relationships are built on all four connection aspects of the bond of lovematism: heart, mind, body, soul.

The personal meaning of love will change with each different relationship. Some couples may not experience all aspects of lovematism. Their love is just as true and as meaningful.

How your love starts, with fireworks or a slow flame is not as important as the trajectory your love takes. The emotional connection of romantic love is deep and intense and true love is unending and exponential. The communication of the mindset connection and sexual intimacy brings a couple closer. With a mystical, spiritual and soul connection through karma, spiritual practice or shared religious belief two lovers grow and become committed to one another.

Lovematism transforms human potential to manifest the divine.

Sherrie Rose, author of the book 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket:
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The simplification of anything is always sensational.
~ G.K. Chesterton.

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.
~ Josiah G. Holland

As I continue my talks with her, I become aware that, in my heart, a window is opening.
~ Akhito, Crown Prince of Japan

Relationships start out in some form of desire; we seek to fill our needs.

Together, when both lovers are devoted to pleasing a fulfilling the other, there is a circuit of energy, love, that is created. You receive love to give love. This is illustrated in the platinum ring of love: I give love, I live love, I am love. You are love. Your love is one with your lover's. This is a powerful dynamic that explodes your hearts open expand to receive more love.

One of the well-reported explosions of the heart opening up is the feeling when your baby is born. New parents report on this "new" love that they have never experienced before. Love, sharing, protection, gratitude all coming into play. It is completely unconditional love.

This unconditional love can be experienced in a love relationship between a man and a woman.

The 7 Rings of Desire are the basics, the Love Basics 101. You start here. A man has a simpler motivation, a natural impulse to earn her love and make her happy. Men must earn the right to derive pleasure from the act of giving to his lover. When the relationship is established, provisions such as acts of kindness, taking care of a lady, and giving presents bestowed with a loving heart are acts that earn the right. He must feel that his effort is being received. He is aiming for her love bucket. Make sure you know your lover's desires so that you will be on target with your aim.

A man needs a woman to manifest his potential. Your livelihood will be enhanced if you have a woman in your life to radiate love back to you. Love is energy. A woman's love is the highest form of energy a man can use to fuel his engine of creativity and ingenuity. I'll repeat the adage, "Behind every great man is a great woman.” A woman is the rocket- launcher for a man.

Men are attracted to women like the beacon of a lighthouse. Like energies attract (not opposites). There is an internal challenge for a man to earn the love of a woman. You put in special effort in the initial stage of attraction. Don't take her for granted; remember you are the Chairman of the board. After you've caught her, you must continue to earn her love. Or she'll go looking for it elsewhere and some other man will happily fill her love bucket.

John Shaw, says, "Words are over-rated." Men know that actions speak louder than words. Talking is a step in the process; words are not the goal or the action.

Even the word lovematism, conceived by Sherrie Rose, is just a tool to help define a combination of connections of the mind, heart, body and soul. These are all experienced individually and a definition is simply an aid to understanding. Lovematism takes action to make a contribution and actively participate in your lover's life.

Making time for a woman: Making time is an action that usually shows up in the DO FOR and DO WITH rings of desire which are actions. It can be a PROVISION such as providing an "E-Ticket" extraordinary experience which has a monetary aspect. She many desire physical CONTACT in terms of a massage or conversational CONTACT in terms of listening to her "story." She may desire REGOGNITION of something she accomplished. She may desire the intimacy of SEX. She may desire a LIFESTYLE change. There is overlap in interpretation of the 7 Rings of Desire and you can let your lover provide her own interpretation to you. The 7 Rings of Desire are a palette your lover paint her own picture based on her interpretation. She'll show you her unique combination of rings of desire, her very own masterpiece. It is her responsibility to share this with you; this relieves you from trying to read her mind.

You can then match your actions, all the things you do for her, to her unique combination of rings of desire to come out a winner. This is how you earn her love. This will give her the feeling that she wants: being tended to and being taken care of. There is a transaction going on here. What she gives back is the support to help manifest your potential as a man. Earn her love, channel your love and energy to her, she supports and activates your internal force, and your share your livelihood, your creativity with the world. This is lovematism at its best. Lovematism encompasses the mind, body, heart and soul of two lovers.

Your lover must support the way you channel your energy into the world. Your choice of work, your labor of love, and your livelihood must be embrace by your lover. This is when lovers are in alignment and resonate on the LIFESTYLE ring of desire. If you are a man who wants to try many paths in business and is a risk-taker with a constant change does she have the personality to handle it? Hopefully, you've determined this in the getting started or dating phase. You need to be a good fit for each other so she can support you, your livelihood, your personality, your personal values and your individual truths. Some men detest the interview process in dating. Women start relationships and want to determine the time investment upfront. This should be respected and honored if you want her to support you because you'll be better suited and she will have a mindset that you can relate too.

On the flip side, if you don't recognize her intention and her motivation for supporting you, it may come across as your lover being aggressive or dominating. You need to find out what's underneath it. She is doing this to create an environment to grow the love. She is creating the environment, the castle with you, and as a man you need to protect the castle.

If you don't recognize her intention and her motivation for supporting you, you probably will not protect her when a tough situation comes up. You will not channel your energy to defend her. If your ego perceives her as aggressive or dominating (why bother, "she's okay on her own") so you do not take the lead and add your stronger male energy to protect her, you have lost the opportunity to deliver your benevolent power to her so she in turn can support you. Providing benevolent power to the relationship requires a conscious mindset.

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